Quiz Night

Quiz Night returns from the 26th October.

Date & Time

Every Tuesday starting 26th October 2021
Quiz starts promptly at 8:00pm

Entry Fee

£1 per team member. Includes entry into the lottery.

Format & Rules

The quiz will consist of 50 general knowledge questions, a 12 question picture round and a 10 question music round.

The winner will be the team with the most points. 
For teams with more than 4 players, 2 points will be deducted for each additional player.
There will be a prize for the winning team and a consolation prize for the team whose skills less suited the week's quiz questions.

Each team member will be given a raffle ticket for their £1 entry fee.  All entry fees will be used to contribute to the funding of the quiz prizes and lottery prize.  The amount going forward to lottery prize pot is dependant on number of participants.

At the end of the quiz one raffle ticket will be drawn and that person will be invited forward to pick a card from the 13 cards. 

Should they find the Ace of Hearts then they will take the prize pot. If not won the prize pot rolls over to the following week.